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 Fifteen years ago, I wrote my first self-published book: 78 RPM The Record of a Family. It explores the origin of my family history, both personally and collectively. Near the end of my career as a dental technician, I embarked on Jungian studies and became an archetypal pattern analyst which has enriched my understanding of spirituality, art, and creativity. Since retiring last year, I have dedicated my time to write a book that traces the roots of my spiritual journey. I had to reflect on what it meant to be an immigrant moving from Denmark to the United States. My daily practice includes Iconography painting, music, and writing.


Sojourner in a foreign land.

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Sojourner in a Foreign Landis a personal story about immigration, the search for spiritual belonging, sexual and gender identity, and how childhood trauma influences a human life. As a Scandinavian immigrant, I was blessed with privileges other ethnic groups did not have. Still, it was a struggle to start from the bottom. The book also describes life in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the fifties and sixties, and what it means to leave your culture and traditions behind.

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau


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