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Ten suggestions for COVID isolation survival


  1. Make sure you call some friend or family at least once a day to stay connected with the outside world.

  2. If possible, go for a walk in your neighborhood, preferably at the same time every day, and make sure you say hello to your neighbors even if you don’t know them. After a while, they will return your friendly greetings and eventually even chat with you.

  3. Get a dog because dogs are magnets for people to connect with you. I once stood in front of a grocery store with my little Shitzu dog, and within twenty minutes, at least five people stopped and wanted to pet the dog. An excellent opportunity to start a conversation.

  4. Make a shopping list. That way, you don’t have to panic in the grocery store because you run out of ideas and start getting nervous.

  5. Arrange for a zoom meeting at least once a week with a friend.

  6. Join STEP, an organization that connects young people with elders, for a twice a month zoom meeting. After a while, you become a part of a beautiful community.

  7. Contact your pastor, priest, or any religious affiliated clergy person for a monthly consult. It’s their job to care for their constituents, so USE them. It’s free

  8. Consider becoming a dog walker, it is fun, and you connect with both people and dogs.

  9. Don’t lock yourself up in the house, but hit the sidewalk as often as possible.

  10. Start corresponding with old friends writing real handwritten letters. You will be surprised by the response and very happy when you receive REAL and not JUNK mail.

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