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Sojourner in a foreign land is a personal story about emigration, the search for spiritual belonging, sexual and gender identity, and of how childhood trauma influences a human life. As a Scandinavian emigrant I was blessed with privileges other ethnic groups did not have. Still, it was a struggle to start from the bottom up. The book also describes how it was to grow up in Copenhagen Denmark in the fifties and sixties, what it means to leave your culture and traditions behind.

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    I highly recommend Flemming Behrend’s deeply poignant and moving memoir. His journey out of the circumstances and traumas of his early childhood and how they informed him as he then moved forward into the adventures and challenges as an immigrant in the decades to follow, is powerfully captured in his beautiful and honest writing…I wasn’t ready for the book to end I was so deeply engaged in his incredibly compelling stories! - Bonnie L. Pfeiffer, Voice Dialogue Teacher


    Flemming writes, it is only through the obstacles it encounters that we hear the wind. I would add that it is only through stories that we get to know our friends. If you know Flemming, you will love this book. You’ll learn the origins of his lifelong fascination with religion and what it was like for a far-from-home Dane to discover America in the 1980s.


    Every year, Flemming and his wife hold a Seder at their home where everyone takes turns reciting the story of how the Israelites escaped from Egypt. This memoir is Flemming’s personal Seder where we learn how he escaped his old life and found a new land and the beginning of a new life.

    Paul Curington. Story teller and Host of “Fresh Ground Stories” in Seattle


    Sojourner in a Foreign Land: A Memoir by Flemming Oppenhagen Behrend

    I began reading this memoir with excitement and anticipation. Why? Here was an immigrant narrative by a contemporary, one who was born in Denmark in 1951 and who immigrated in the early 1980s. I was not disappointed. Flemming describes growing up in Denmark in the 1950s and 60s and his evolution as a person through the 1970s. The forces and times that shaped his becoming a person differ from the many earlier immigrant narratives with which I was familiar. Not only is this a story of immigration, but it is also a search for spiritual meaning and an identity that enables Flemming to thrive. Sojourner in a Foreign Land is self-published and lacks careful editing. While I was sometimes distracted by this, there’s an honesty in Fleming’s voice that carries the story, and my excitement and anticipation were fully rewarded. John Mark Nielsen, Ph.D., R.Executive Director EmeritusMUSEUM OF DANISH AMERICA



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